Our Story

Mounit Em Dib holds the nickname of its founder, a hard-working tailor and housewife who used to transform her husband’s crops into homemade pantry products. Supported by her family members, she realized the demand for such authentic products & started this family business with a lot of passion and decades of know-how.

Mounit Em Dib’s mission is producing authentic pantry products from local crops and level them up to meet the modern consumer needs. We adopt an agri-food system of sustainable production linking contributors “from farm to fork”.


Our staff consists of our founder’s direct family members & other women from her extended family. We also rely on the valuable help of women that we carefully select to help in the plantation & production processes.


The business has a mix of 2 generations, one providing the technical know-how and the younger generation handling marketing, branding & product innovation to help reach all segments of the market.

Our Products

فوائد خل التفاح

ما هو دبس التفاح؟

Agri food industry S.A.R.L.
Address: Kfar Niss Chouf
Phone: +961 71 028 628

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